i believe that everything in the universe is also connected into figuring out what the answer to life may be. a pineapple is just one of those objects.

start off by simply explaining how a pineapple grows. as a pineapple grows, flowers bloom on the outside of the young pineapple. as the pineapple ripens, these flowers then begin to die and the pineapple is left with the brown rinds that leave the ”cross hatch” pattern on the pineapple. now, the flowers are dead, but the sweet tartness of the pineapple is left on the inside. the pineapple is fully grown.

the flowers on the pineapple represent the youth and beauty of an adolescent. notice how the inside of the pineapple is not ripe, as how the mind of the adolescent is not fully matured. when the flowers on the pineapple die, it represents the societal image of beauty of an individual fading. however, like the sweet inside of the pineapple, the mind of the once adolescent is fully matured. smart, and intelligent. or at least that’s how it should turn out.

society is corrupt. advertisements and products all revolve around ”looking younger”, and ”keeping the youth”. it’s one thing to improve an individual’s image, but to bring back the past is sad and impossible task. it never succeeds. people will spend their entire lives focusing on the aesthetic aspect of life, trying to improve it, instead of the intellectual. lives will be wasted, and intelligence never gained. so why does society focus on the impossible? why doesn’t it focus on the inside of the pineapple, the intelligence? they say intelligence comes with age, however, sadly, that is not always the case in today’s society.

i think we could all be more like a pineapple.